Use of Data in Public Sector Human Resources and Workforce Management: Solutions and Challenges

White Paper by Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene: “Across the U.S., a growing number of cities, counties, and states are using data across agencies to improve management and make decisions—and HR and payroll professionals in particular stand to gain much from this data to help drive staffing and other strategic decisions. In this white paper, industry experts Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene take a deep dive into both the benefits and challenges of using data with real-life examples of how data has been instrumental in building a resilient HR apparatus.

Data can be used for positive change that includes shorter new-hire onboarding, fairer overtime distribution, and even improved employee safety. However, obstacles to using data in an optimal way to improve HR management, such as insufficient funding, lack of training, and lack of software access, can keep government organizations from making the most of all it can offer.

Despite barriers, many organizations are moving toward creating a culture that is conducive to the use of the data their computers can create. Examples of how data and data analysis can transform workforce management practices include:

  • Studying existing hiring and onboarding data to facilitate more effective and efficient administration
  • Tracking turnover data to document employee departures and reveal information about those most at risk of sudden departure
  • Reducing overtime by using the data to ensure fairer distribution of overtime
  • Uncovering equity issues by assessing and comparing the demographic makeup of a workforce to see how closely it matches their population…(More)”