User Perceptions of Privacy in Smart Homes

Paper by Serena Zheng, Marshini Chetty, and Nick Feamster: “Despite the increasing presence of Internet of Things (IoT) devices inside the home, we know little about how users feel about their privacy living with Internet-connected devices that continuously monitor and collect data in their homes. To gain insight into this state of affairs, we conducted eleven semi-structured interviews with owners of smart homes, investigating privacy values and expectations.

In this paper, we present the findings that emerged from our study: First, users prioritize the convenience and connectedness of their smart homes, and these values dictate their privacy opinions and behaviors. Second, user opinions about who should have access to their smart home data depend on the perceived benefit. Third, users assume their privacy is protected because they trust the manufacturers of their IoT devices. Our findings bring up several implications for IoT privacy, which include the need for design for privacy and evaluation standards….(More)”.