Algorithmic Government: Automating Public Services and Supporting Civil Servants in using Data Science Technologies

Zeynep Engin and Philip Treleaven in the Computer Journal:  “The data science technologies of artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), big data and behavioral/predictive analytics, and blockchain are poised to revolutionize government and create a new generation of GovTech start-ups. The impact from the ‘smartification’ of public services and the national infrastructure will be much more significant in comparison to any other sector given government’s function and importance to every institution and individual.

Potential GovTech systems include Chatbots and intelligent assistants for public engagement, Robo-advisors to support civil servants, real-time management of the national infrastructure using IoT and blockchain, automated compliance/regulation, public records securely stored in blockchain distributed ledgers, online judicial and dispute resolution systems, and laws/statutes encoded as blockchain smart contracts. Government is potentially the major ‘client’ and also ‘public champion’ for these new data technologies. This review paper uses our simple taxonomy of government services to provide an overview of data science automation being deployed by governments world-wide. The goal of this review paper is to encourage the Computer Science community to engage with government to develop these new systems to transform public services and support the work of civil servants….(More)”.