Linking Social, Open, and Enterprise Data

Paper by T Omitola, J Davies, A Duke, H Glaser, N Shadbolt for Proceeding WIMS ’14 (Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics): “The new world of big data, of the LOD cloud, of the app economy, and of social media means that organisations no longer own, much less control, all the data they need to make the best informed business decisions. In this paper, we describe how we built a system using Linked Data principles to bring in data from Web 2.0 sites (LinkedIn, Salesforce), and other external business sites such as OpenCorporates, linking these together with pertinent internal British Telecommunications enterprise data into that enterprise data space. We describe the challenges faced during the implementation, which include sourcing the datasets, finding the appropriate “join points” from the individual datasets, as well as developing the client application used for data publication. We describe our solutions to these challenges and discuss the design decisions made. We conclude by drawing some general principles from this work.”